The Wax Turntable Buyers Guide

Whatever your budget, there is a turntable for you. Whether you choose belt drive, direct drive or warp drive it’s easy to get up and running and start enjoying a better life with vinyl. Here’s a few turntables to get you started:

Ion Audio Max LP

ion wood

This is an all-in-one turntable with built in stereo speakers. You can connect it to your computer via USB and record your vinyl to mp3 for life on the move. Reminds me of when I used to record vinyl to cassette to listen to on my walkman. It’s got a 3.5mm input as well as RCA output to connect to a bigger sound system.

It’s not going to sound fantastic, personally I wouldn’t go playing my rarest vinyl on it, but it won’t break the bank either as it’s only £79.00 with free delivery from Amazon.


Pioneer PL-990 Turntable


We’re taking it up a notch here, and it’s starting to look like a piece of Hi-Fi gear. It has a built-in phono equaliser so it can connect straight into the auxiliary or line-input on your amp, no need to have an amp with a phono pre-amp. It’s got a decent DC servo motor to help with stable playback and a tone arm that should track your vinyl better than a cheaper turntable.

It’s a little more expensive that the Ion but well worth the investment, your records will thank you for it. Currently available for £115.00 with free delivery from Amazon.

Pro-Ject Elemental Turntable


This turntable will heads turning as well as your vinyl. A simple design with the belt exposed. This turntable is ‘plug’n’play’ with no counterweight or antiskating setup needed. It includes an OM5E cartridge to ensure great sounds on a budget.

Currently available for £159.00 including free delivery from Amazon.

Rega RP1 Turntable


Getting into midrange territory is the Rega RP1 Turntable. A highly respected manufacturer of Turntables, this fully manual deck with give a minimal chic look to your setup as well as ensure your music sounds great.

Currently available for £229.00 including free delivery from Amazon.

Andrew James Turntable


This rotating turntable is an ideal base for turning your cakes, pies and flans. Whilst not necessarily essential for enjoying your Pink Floyd collection it will enable you to enjoy better cake whilst listening.

The Andrew James Turntable is currently a bargain at £5.99 from Amazon.